American Bison battling a clash of the titans

American bison are the largest terrestrial mammals in the North America! They are also a powerful symbol of the Wild West. Today these creatures are found roaming around Americas national Yellowstone Park. These shaggy haired wild members of the cattle family were once the most numerous hoofed animals on the American continent! Now however, there are only a few thousand left in the national parks. These colossal mammals are nomadic grazers, and they travel in female lead herds of between 20 and 50 animals, eating grasses and other prairie plants as they go. The Bison males (also known as bulls) can reach 6 ½ feet tall and weigh almost a ton. Bison bulls establish positions of rank by fighting each other. The bull’s immense head and skull is its only weapon in battles with other males. The bull will first paw the ground, creating a big dust patch, then he will urinate on the patch, turning the area into a pundit smelling pit, which he will roll on. The male is now ready to fight! The bison have exceptionally powerful front ends, but it is their heads that they will use as battering rams that are unbelievably resilient. Using a ton of body weight, the males will charge at each other, sometimes reaching speeds of 30 miles an hour! They are lucky to have the perfect crash helmet! The skull flexes like plastic to absorb the impact and the brain is protected by a forehead with extra skin for padding. The strong neck also works as a shock absorber. Fights as such may take up to about 20 head clashes before one of the bulls will even consider backing down. It is a real clash of the titans! The dominant bull will earn mating rights over all the females which is something definitely worth fighting for!

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American Bison

The american Bison, otherwise known as the American Buffalo, is a bovine mammal, that has been part of American’s rich culture, for a long time.

So what are the characteristics of an American Bison? Or otherwise known as its description. Let me explain, first off it’s coat is dark and brown, perfectly suited for the winter season. During the summer seasons, it adapts to inhibit a lighter version of its coat.

The American bison can be as tall as about six and a half feet, and it can be as long as 10 feet. This impresive beast, can weight as much as an impressive 2,100 pounds.

Record Amercican Bison

The american bison with the most weight, ever recorded in the history, record books, weighed in at about 2,500 pounds.

As you know, the Bison has long been hunted in American history. However, in today’s day and age, the hunting of wild American Bison, is only legal in a few states. It is only legal, so that the population can be controled.


You would think that these huge beasts, would not have any predators, but they do. In some areas in america, wolves typicaly are the predators that American Bison fear most. The bison’s defense is to run back to its herd, or near by cows, bulls, or they can also enter into the water, such as the lake, and rivers.

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